Three Automobiles Used Most by RideShare Companies

Best cars for ridesharing? To ensure that ridesharing companies would be able to earn, while giving their passengers quality service, it’s very important to choose cars that are comfortable, fuel-efficient, and appealing to riders. That said, here are some of the most common cars used by sharing companies. On the other hand, if you want to know more about ridesharing, go to Here, you’ll find the most up-to-date information regarding ridesharing services, promotions, and many more.

1. Toyota Prius
When it comes to reliability and efficiency, nothing can beat Toyota Prius. As a matter of fact, this car has a rating of 50 mpg highway/city. Wherein for the past few years, the economical performance of Prius has been pretty amazing ever since its launch back in 2009. Even environmental agencies rate this vehicle as one of the cleanest cars in the US. Though, that’s not all. What makes this vehicle preferred by a number of ridesharing companies is the fact that it’s very utilitarian. It has a lot of rooms for both passengers and their luggage despite its small side. Definitely, it’s a car that’s really worth its price– whether you’re going to buy a brand new or a second hand one. The only disadvantage of this car is that, unlike other cars, it’s not really an exciting one to drive, however, if you’ll check the gas mileage, you’ll definitely be impressed! For some, what they worry about the Prius would be its Hybrid-Battery life, since having it replaced would cost a lot. Honestly, this wouldn’t be an issue at all since it’s warranted for 8-10 years depending on how often it’ll be used.

2. Hyundai Sonata
Hyundai Sonata is another vehicle perfect for ridesharing as it’s very family friendly– one of the features a lot of passengers are looking for. Although it doesn’t offer the best mileage, it’s still fair and appealing to most riders. Then, if you’ll opt for premium models,it comes with dual rear-window sunshades, rear sits, and best of all, there‚Äôs enough cargo space. These are just some of the features that offers passengers the comfort they want. Based on its features, it’s really an affordable car, that’s why a lot of ridesharing companies consider using this model. However, just like what has been mentioned earlier, you can’t accept much from the mileage as it’s just 25mpg. Other than that, rest assured that it’s still a good choice.

3. Toyota Corolla
The good thing about Toyota Corolla is that it’s very easy to maintain even after a couple of years. The reason it’s another car perfect for ridesharing is because it has a well-used and comfortable inner space perfect for families. If we’ll talk about maintaining this car, Corolla is also quite reliable. Although it’s not sexy nor sporty, it’s a car that’s ideal for general use. There’s also the LE Eco version of Toyota Corolla that’s known for being fuel-efficient and gets around 35 mpg. On the other hand, the Hybrid version is rated 42 mpg. Thus, you can say that it has a pretty good mileage for an affordable car.